• An Alliance

    for All Mothers and

    Women Worldwide


    Redeemed women collectively make the world better.


  • Women at Work

    We are an organization called to edify women and mothers of all ages, teaching them to value their divine roles. The demands of the modern world are intense.


    It's up to all of mankind to allow women to learn how to value their divine roles as daughters, mothers, sisters, caregivers, teachers, leaders, executives, counselors, administrators, innovators, athletes, artists, and global change makers.

  • Our Mission

    Global Initiatives Evoking Change

    Mental Health, Maternal and Child Care

    Free Childbirth & Parenting Education

    Launching Soon: Free Prayer/Crisis Help Line

    Launching Soon!

    Healthy Meal Alternatives

    Free Meal Planning for a healthy lifestyle, sickness prevention, and maintenance

    Access to Discounted Food Boxes, Basic Needs

    Launching Soon!

    Leadership Programs

    for women of all ages

    Free access to training in ministry, Family Therapy, Healthcare, Life Skills, Nutrition, Business, Education, Creative Arts, Writing, Digital Media, and more!

    Launching Soon!

    Coaching Programs

    for women of all ages

    Access to coaching: Life & Spiritual, Health, Relationships, Career, Parenting, Business

    Launching Soon!


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